New Beginnings

I have been a Christian for years. Born in the hands of the pastor, mama on the worship team, papa was associate pastor, church every Sunday, know all the right words to say, greeting the brethren in the name of Jesus; church through and through.

Imagine my surprise when God showed me himself last year. In August 2018 my life changed and I didn’t see it coming; it just took 28 years.

I am broken, full of things that look and sound nothing like Jesus but in six months I can say that God has changed my life.  The testimonies and conversations I heard for years with people who were on fire for God and had zeal all fell into place.

The change started with one thing.  One thing that made me weep not only in the moment but for weeks afterward; no matter what I do or I have done God loves me.  He wants me, approves of me, needs to be close to me. No. Matter. What.  That word was given to me by someone in a small group and God used it to begin a work in me that has transformed everything. new-year-new-beginning-2Cor-tree.png

I will be writing more about my story over the last six months but if you are reading this, it is not by chance.  Please know that wherever you are, whatever you have done, God loves you and there is hope for you.  God has plans and a future for you, don’t wait, don’t miss him.  You belong, you are accepted and you are loved.

Until next time my dear,