i am on fire…

Obviously not literally, figuratively. I burn with passion.
I sound like an Italian porno; I’ll start again.

This first post is supposed to sum up why I’m a part of Blogging U, and my genuine, hand on heart answer is that I burn with passion.  It sounds cheesy and cliche but how else do you describe the secret smile that flickers across your face when you think of sharing your  vision. The quickening of your heart and the shower of glitter in your soul that

glittery sole

Not the glittery soul I was looking for but it’ll do.

makes you want to keep going, even though you cannot for the life of you figure out how to customize the theme of your blog (the reason my keyboard is wet with salty tears).

Maybe reaching the world isn’t the ultimate goal, it would be nice don’t get me wrong, but if I could reach that one teenager who hates her curly hair, who thinks her thighs are too big, who thinks that no one will love her…

She.Is. Enough.

So that’s me, weird, wonderful and on fire…not literally, weren’t you listening?

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